How To Choose The Pre bonded Hair Extension

pre bonded hair extension

What is the pre bonded hair extension?

Unless you have been genetically blessed with thick beautiful hair you have most likely at sometime considered hair extensions. Many women worry regarding what variety of hair extensions they ought to go together with. Your selection ought to be primarily based of the kind of person you’re and also the variety of life vogue you lead!

Now many people have questions about how to choose the suitable hair extension?which time can be used .

Today ,we will help you to solve this question .

Which hair extension method is best?

Now we have 5 popular hair extension recommned

Fusion hair exrension (I tip /Flat tip  /Nano Ring ):

Tape-in Extensions:

Clip-in Extensions:

Weft Hair Extension(Flip In Hair /hantied weft extension):

Tape in hair extensions are becoming so popular as they take substantially less time to apply and remove! With tape in hair extensions you can have a full head applied within an hour.

Tape extensions are great if you are going from quite short to long. The reason for this is they give good coverage as they are on a strip of tape that sit flat to the head. Therefore avoiding any stringiness that can often occur with pre bonded application. But can also can be used for just a bit of volume

Tape in hair extensions are also cost effective as the hair is reusable! Hiart hair extension only focus on 100% human remy hair extension ,they last arround 12 month , you can then get the hair re-taped and reapplied.

Fusion extensions are a great way to add length and highlights. Last up to 12 months, Fusion extensions are a simple way to achieve natural looking, long hair on any hair type. Tipped with non-damaging Keratin glue, your hair is sectioned into pieces and the extension is glued to your hair.


Clip in hair extensions are perfect if you are not ready to fully commit to hair extensions yet or if you only want to occasionally spruce up your hair.

The great thing about Clip in extensions is you have to spend zero time in the hair extensionists chair and can be completely flexible as to when you wear them.

Clip-in hair extensions are easy to attach and can be perfectly matched with your own hair. They deliver longer, thicker hair in an instant. Quite often, though, clip-in extensions come in multiple pieces but I recommend the Extension Professional clip ins as they are spread over only 2 pieces which give the most natural look I have seen.

Why you must choose HiArt Hair ?

The reason 1:

our company only focus on 100% real human remy hair extension .

Normally other store hair only last 5 week or 6 month ,all our store extension can be used more than 12 months with normal care.

The reason 2:

We focus on high quality double drawn hair extension .

To do more thick and natural hair effect

The reason 3:

enough weight and length

The reason 4:

High quality with factory price



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