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Bouffant Hair- You Can Do It Yourself At Home

Bouffant Hair

The female Bouffant hairstyle is known for its large, finely sculpted shapes. The style was created in the 18th century as a way to add volume for girls with thinning hair that made it difficult to create volume on their heads. The bouffant, from the French word “bouffante” (meaning puffed up), quickly became a fixture of Western European culture.
By the 1950s in America, bouffant hair became popular with celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy interpreting the classic style. If you are looking for a new way to style your hair or are considering attending a themed party, then updo hairstyles for women can be of great help. Here’s a collection and tutorial of updo hairstyles worth trying in 2022.

01 Classic Bouffant

Bouffant Hair

With hair piled high on her head in a rounded shape, the classic updo features a strong silhouette and sky-high volume. Adding hair accessories is a great way to trick more height and create a fuller look. For a more casual look, pull the face-covering part out of the bun and curl the ends.

02 The Modern Bouffant

Bouffant Hair

A pompadour doesn’t need to be all vertical. Create volume in the back by teasing the part and keeping the twisted ponytail flush with the head. Play up the natural, looser texture of your hair by forgoing the smoothing step and giving the top part a messy, lived-in feel. To achieve a similar effect, spray more styling spray to finish the style.

03 Baby Bouffant

Bouffant Hair

If the wearability of updos is in question, Anne Hathaway’s baby bun should put the doubt to rest. Like an old-fashioned pompadour from the early 1900s, the small half of the pompadour at the back of the head creates volume without being too big. To achieve a similar effect, use bobby pins in the same color as your hair to help disguise the puffs and create a more seamless look.

04 Curly Bouffant

Bouffant Hair

Embrace natural curls and volume, like Tinashe’s kind of piled-up updo. Prep hair with a moisturizing curl-setting gel and finish by detangling and flicking hair with your fingers to pull out flyaways and curls around the nape of the neck and hairline.

05 Headbanded Bouffant With Sideswept Bangs

For Paris Fashion Week 2021, Cardi B wore an updo hairstyle with a purple headband and matching sunglasses, as well as a purple outfit and diamond jewelry. Give your updo a little extra oomph with a deep side sweep in the front and a thick headband at the base of your head. Keep the bottom half loose instead of twisting it up to give it a 1960s feel, and pin the entire top part of your head up like a half-puff.

06 Puffy Bouffant

Teasing the top hair into a subtle updo shape and framing the face with dark, side-swept bangs add some wow factor to a simple bun. This results in a double-humped silhouette that blurs the end of the updo and the start of the Bouffant.

How to Create a Bouffant at home?

Do you find the whole Bouffant hair daunting? This is a fun way to sport a vintage hairstyle without looking too over the top. This sweet and voluminous hairstyle is also a great way to spice up your daytime or evening look. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your own Bouffant hair at home.


– Fine tooth comb
– 1pc
Hair clips
– Hairspray


Step 1: Scrunch from slightly dirty hair: Place one finger next to your ear, draw a vertical line from one ear to the other, cut from the front, and clip up for later use.
Update: Pull the rest of your hair over your head and tie it into a ponytail with a hair tie. (Next you’re basically just doing a messy high bun.) Holding the ponytail in one hand and the hairband in the other, pull your hair almost to the hairband. Leave the last few inches of hair out so that once you twist the hairband, you’ll have a ringlet of hair.

Step 2: Now grab the middle of the large loop of hair with your fingers through the ponytail and pull the hairband up to your now broken bun, twist again and pull the hairband all the way to the other side. You should be left with a messy head of hair that is well secured. You can use bobby pins to secure the sides a bit if you’d like.

Step 3: Pull the front of your hair down and divide it in half, then divide the two halves in half so you are left with two quarters. Comb through your bottom quarter to flatten it out, then wrap it under and over the bun, securing to hold it in place.

Step 4: Do the same with the other bottom quarter. Next take one of your top quarters (brush the back slightly first if you’d like) and smooth it over your head diagonally towards the other side of your bun, then walk around and re-step and secure.

Step 5: Do the same thing for the last quarter, using your fingers to loosen a bunch at the top, then spray on some hold hairspray. If you have a two-way mirror, check over your head to make sure there isn’t too much flight throughout the place and make sure you separate the sections to get a really structured look and you’re done!

How to take down a Bouffant?

Creating a Bouffant hairstyle requires a lot of backcombing and styling products, which means the process of taking it down can be just as tedious as putting it up. Be gentle and patient when combing your hair before the shower to avoid unnecessary breakage and shedding. Water can potentially dry out hair and make it more difficult to detangle, so take your time combing and smoothing before getting it wet. Since the haircut (and the detangling process) can cause damage to the hair, it is recommended that a moisturizing hair mask be used to restore the hair after detangling.

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