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A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Curling Iron Size

curling iron

Whether you’re a seasoned curling iron user or just hitting the barrel on a Saturday night, the variety of sizes can be perplexing. Technique is the key to great curls, but having the right curlers is just as important. That is why we have created a detailed curler sizing guide for you. You don’t have to waste time experimenting over and over again to achieve those coveted bouncy curls. The right curling iron can solve the majority of hair design issues. Continue reading to discover the best curlers for your hair.

How to curl hair with flat iron?

curling iron
Wrapping your hair around hot tools curling iron creates curls. Curls are formed by wrapping your hair around the curling iron. As a result, the more times your hair is wrapped around the curling iron, the more curls you will have. The fewer times your hair is wrapped around your curlers, the less curl you will get. This is why hair length is important when selecting a curler size to match the style you want to achieve.

How to pick the best curling iron for my hair?

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Choosing the right curling iron for your hair length and the hairstyle you want is the most challenging part of the hair styling process. Let us help you with this by explaining the relationship between barrel size and hair length and hairstyle.
One simple rule to remember: the barrel size of your curling iron needs to be proportional to the length of your hair. If you have short hair, you can use a small barrel (¾”, ½”, ⅜”, ⅝”, etc.), if you have long hair, go for a large barrel (1.25 “, 1.5″, 1.75″, 2″, etc.). If you have shoulder-length or medium-length hair, then both are suitable. 1″ barrels are also suitable for any length of hair, whether short, medium or long.

For various hairstyles, you must use a specific size barrel. Smaller barrels are used for bouncy curls, while larger barrels are used for wavy hairstyles. For beach waves, the best barrel size is between 0.75 and 2 inches. The ideal barrel size for soft waves is 1.5 to 1.75 inches. A 1-inch to 2-inch barrel will produce loose waves, while a 1.75-inch to 2-inch barrel will produce large waves. The best barrel size for curly/spiral curls is approximately ⅜” to ½”. Choose a barrel size of 1″ to 1.25″ for tight curls, 0.75″ to 1.5″ for big curls, 1.25″ to 1.5″ for big curls, and 1.25″ to 2″ for loose curls. You also need to keep your hair type in mind and set the correct temperature in order to best style your hair.

Curling Irons Size Guide

3/8-inch curling iron

This barrel size is best suited for thin, short, or medium-length hair. If you want spiral, curly, or bouncy curls, this barrel size curling iron is for you. It is ideal for adding volume to thin or curly hair braids. Setting straight hair with this barrel, on the other hand, can take a long time.

1/2 inch curling iron

Have you got short hair? Then this barrel size is probably best for creating curls or tight curls. Long buns will not keep these curls in place for long, and thick hair is not suitable for tight curls. As a result, these barrel sizes are ideal for achieving tight, curly, or spiral curls on fine, short, or short hair. They give your hair more volume.

5/8 inch Curling Iron

curling iron

This barrel size is ideal for creating bouncy spiral curls on fine, medium, or long hair. It is commonly used to style straight hair. This barrel size adds volume and looks great on naturally curly hair.

3/4 inch Curling Iron

curling iron

If you want those perfect vintage curls, you need to use this barrel size curling iron. It can be used on thin or thick hair and is highly recommended for shoulder length hair. This barrel size is the right choice to get loose, polished, vintage or spiral curls. It is suitable for both straight and naturally curly hair.

1” Curling Iron

curling iron

Considered the king of all curling irons, this barrel size is suitable for all hair lengths and almost all types of curls. It is neither too small nor too large. In addition to tight curls, this barrel size is also great for getting messy beach waves and glamorous full-bodied waves.

1 1/4-inch curling iron

This barrel size is ideal for hair that is long, medium, or shoulder length. It can be used to achieve almost any type of curl or wave. This curling iron, however, will not add volume to your hair.

1 1/2 inch rail Curling Iron

Since larger barrels create larger curls, this barrel size is best for styling long, thick hair. It is not only great for creating bouncy curls, but also for loose, beachy, voluminous waves.

1 3/4 inches Curling Iron

Often rare and hard to find on the market, this barrel size is worth having if you want to style long hair into loose, soft waves. Interestingly, it is also the only barrel size that works very well on short hair, adding volume and creating soft curls.

2-inch Curling Iron

Widely known as “The Bumper”, this barrel size is perfect for long hair. Whether it’s loose waves, beach waves or defined waves, this curling iron does it all. It also adds a little volume to straight hair.

Understanding the different sizes of curling irons and how those sizes affect your hairstyle is the key to creating great curling iron hairstyles. Perhaps you tried curling your hair earlier in the day. You desired the perfect curls but were unable to achieve them. This could be because you’re using the incorrect size curlers. With this curler size guide, you’ll know exactly which barrel is best for your hair type, length, and desired hairstyle.

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