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Taking care of human hair wigs complete knowledge

straight lace wig


Okay, first a brief history lesson. You can make a lace wig by hand, and the process includes tying one strand on at a time on a lace base. A full lace wig also will provide you with complete hair coverage, and you can do different hairstyles that include multiple parting and the option of wearing your wig in a ponytail or bun. These wigs are typically the costliest, but thankfully it’s easy to take care of them.

Use a Wig Head.

If you throw your wig on the ground or even back in the packaging it came in it can be very difficult to keep it looking neat. So, take our recommendation and invest in an exceedingly wig head or a stand.
Since a full lace wig has lace all around you’ll got to check that the shape of the unit is in fitness. A good tip is to store your wig on a wig head with bobby or T-pins. You want to keep the piece in a great shape that is always ready to put on your head.

Stay faraway from Sticky or Dense Hair Care merchandise.

As you can probably guess, the more products on your full lace wig the heavier it gets. As time goes on the more product that builds up will make the wig appear very dull and unappealing. If you absolutely can’t resist the urge to add product like hairspray or styling mousse to your wig make sure to gently wash the wig every so often to keep it looking fresh and clean.

Washing Human Hair Wigs

Since your wig is not attached to your head, we will need to take extra steps in ensuring that it is clean. Try adding a few drops of shampoo to a spray bottle and adding warm water to it as well. After you make the mixture spray the wig until it is thoroughly damp, you can now rinse the product out with cold water and proceed with adding conditioner.

When applying conditioner, you want to use the same method as the shampoo. So, grab another spray bottle add a few drops of conditioner with lukewarm water and repeat the steps you did with the shampoo. When you finish washing the hair, towel dry until it’s damp and then air dry the human hair. These steps are the best techniques in washing a human hair wig unit.

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